The Biggest Secrets to Creating Relationships

Social Marketing

Geeky software and advanced gadgets aside, you've likely heard this before, but it bears repeating; If your ideal market doesn't feel like they know you, like you, and trust you, they're not going to buy from you. Earning that trust is the number 1 biggest secret to creating a great relationship with your prospective clients. Fortunately, there are ways to build trust that can increase your chance for success with any type of client..

Develop Social Proof

Create an excellent and well niched blog that demonstrates and showcases your expertise. Then, collect any mentions on all social media about you. This can be accomplished by adding a "like" button to your blog, and using social media tools that will curate all content about you in an organized fashion for you and others to read. If anyone important has given you a compliment, it's important that you use it.

Ask for and display customer reviews and testimonials. Display them on your website, blog, sales pages, and social media like Customer reviews are an essential element in developing social proof and selling more products. This is especially true if you get a testimonial from someone your audience knows, likes and trusts already. Ensure that your testimonials always link to the real person. Your readers will trust you more if they feel like the testimonials are real and can prove that they are real.

Increase your "likes" and fan base on all your social media accounts from Facebook to Twitter to increase your social proof. This proof shows that you are popular enough to follow and friend and like. You know that you're more likely to frequent a busy establishment than a slow one too; it's not any different just because it's online. The more friends and connections you have, the more people will trust you and want to be your friend too.

Honor Your Words

It's imperative that when trying to develop the trust of your followers that you stick to your words. If you say something, it has to mean something. It's okay to change your mind as you learn more, and do so publically, but don't resort to lying and exaggerating. If you're not making a million dollars a year selling your services, don't imply that you are.

It can be really disappointing to follow someone and find out that they misled you. Imagine if you're following someone you believe lost tons of weight, someone you believe can help you lose your weight too, only to find out that the "before" picture was really one of them pregnant and not really fat at all. You automatically lose trust if this happens.

Guard yourself from hyperbole and blowing wind. While both are popular in advertising, it's important that with your online activities that you don't do that. Instead be honest and upfront about everything you say and do. Use clear, accurate and normal language to explain to your audience your products and services. Instead of bragging about how fabulous your products are yourself, let others do it for you in the form of a testimonial. This is the best way to accomplish letting your audience know how great a product is without you having to ever be anything but humble.

Developing trust takes time. You'll need to demonstrate your trustworthiness over a period of time by participating in your niche community as the expert you are. You may need to provide free samples of your products and services, and free access to yourself for a period of time until you've established that trust. Once you do, every product you launch will be a winning product launch.