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Bespoke ERP System Development

Your ERP system is your business process management software that handles and integrates most of your business activities - from supply chain, manufacturing and operations to human resource, financials and reporting.

So don't build your business around the limitations of an off-the-shelf ERP system! Your business should be the one dictating how your enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform works.

Take Full Control of Your ERP System

Being in full control means that you decide what department-specific dashboards to create. You choose whether to give clients secure access to specific data. And you choose where to store your data - hosted in the cloud or in-house, on your servers.

Avoid Unnecessary Complexity

Having a bespoke ERP system simplifies data management throughout your organisation and encourages collaboration between employees and departments.

Your staff has access to the exact same data without the need to cut corners with spreadsheets and duplicate data, which reduces errors, saves time and makes them more efficient.

Streamline Operations and Processes

Integrate your bespoke ERP platform with the rest of your organisation's software systems - web applications, desktop systems and mobile apps.

Automate repetitive tasks, and free up your staff to focus on the crucial business functions that help your SME grow.
Produce tailored reports with the click of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

For most SME companies out there, an off-the-shelf platform will provide all the business functionality needed to carry their day-to-day business and require little configuration.

When that is the case, an off-the-shelf system can save you a significant amount of up-front investment and should be the preferred choice for your business.

However, if an off-the-shelf ERP system does not fit your business needs outright, the cost involved in developing add-ons and plugins and the compromises along the way end up costing you more than building a bespoke ERP system from scratch.

Most off-the-shelf platforms can be customised with the help of add-ons or plugins. However, there may be additional costs involved, and the features will be limited. You cannot fully customise an off-the-shelf system, as you do not have access to its source code.

1. No Compromises

Off-the-shelf platforms are designed to meet the needs of as many businesses as possible. The side effect of that is that they do not provide some of the specific functionality your business needs and contain functionality that you will never need too.

With a tailor-made ERP system, you get exactly what you need. No more, no less.

2. Speed and Efficiency

Off-the-shelf platforms are often loaded with features you will never need. It is impossible to remove or turn unnecessary features off. Too many features slow down your solution.

An individually crafted solution is a lot lighter and easier to use.

3. No Per-Employee Licensing Fees

Your bespoke ERP system is owned by your business which means that you do not need to pay additional user licencing fees as your business grows.

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